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Small Business And Corporate Tax Return Preparation and Filing Accountant – T2

Preparing and filing a business’s T2 income tax requires the assistance of a corporate tax accountant to ensure it is done correctly.

Although some small, medium and corporate businesses may have their own in-house accountants for day-to-day book-keeping and payroll when it comes to business tax return filing they lack the experience and in-depth knowledge of a corporate tax accountant.

Corporate tax filing should not be left to amateurs or junior accountants to simply attempt corporate tax filing online. The risks of not filing the company’s T2 return accurately are far too great and could end up costing the business money in the long run.

At Dimaro Tax, we provide our small business and corporate clients with complete tax preparation and corporate tax return filing services. We consult handle everything from T2 form preparation, corporate tax filing deadlines, HST returns, advise clients about corporate tax late filing penalty issues, and more.

If your small business or company has questions about anything related to business or corporate tax returns and filing of T2 form please do not hesitate to CONTACT  US. We’re your small business and corporate tax accountant in Toronto’s east end.

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Our Corporate Tax Return Service Areas

We work with small businesses and companies of all sizes in the GTA with their corporate tax preparation and filing needs. We are also very conveniently situated to serve clients east of the Toronto downtown core including North York, East York, Markham, Scarborough, Beaches, Pickering, Ajax, Oshawa, and other neighborhoods in Toronto east end with our corporate tax accountant services.